Restaurant Review: Hunky Dory Social Club

Who: Hunky Dory Social Club

What: Hunky Dory Social Club is a restaurant and bar situated on Oxford Street which has a New York bar feel. It consists of an Italian Restaurant – Bruno’s on the ground level, a small bar area and DJ set up on the second level and on the third level… a rooftop bar overlooking Oxford Street.


Ruby’s Review:

Friday was a beautiful sunny day so I decided I wanted to try a new restaurant for lunch. I had driven past Hunky Dory Social Club on Oxford Street a number of times and always noticed there were plenty of people occupying the rooftop balcony so I decided to try it out.

I was with a friend and when we first walked inside we were a bit confused. Hunky Dory is inside an old terrace and consists of three skinny levels. We weren’t sure which level we were supposed to stop at so it kind of felt like we were on a treasure hunt. When we got to the third level and saw the outdoor rooftop area covered with sun we knew we had just found the hidden treasure!

Our Waiter welcomed us with a big happy smile. We must have looked confused because he explained the layout of the restaurant to us straight away. The staff were all very happy and helpful

The Menu was presented in a very unique way. Hunky Dory uses old school Golden Books! The menu consists of mostly pizzas, salads and Italian share plates.

We Ate The Hunky Dory (tomato, mozzarella and broccoli, $18) and the Brushetta pizza. Both were amazing. The pizzas – all with Italian toppings such as smoked mozzarella and formaggio – are amazing. They are on a doughy home-made base and come out on wooden boards.
We Drunk water with a slice of cucumber. I loved that they served the water like this – it was a really nice touch. I had never tried cucumber in water before but now I love it… so refreshing! Hunky Dory also offers a large cocktail menu.

When I Checked In On Facebook it looked like I was the only person on my friend list who hadn’t been here before. So much for me thinking I had discovered a hidden jem – obviously this one didn’t stay hidden for long!

The decor Situated in an old terrace Hunky Dory is three skinny levels – a restaurant at the bottom a bar, a DJ and a small balcony on the middle floor and another bar and outdoor rooftop area upstairs. Old couches and tables are everywhere – making it look like a rock bands club house. It has a trendy New York/warehouse feel to it – rough brick walls and floors, unfinished surfaces and a couple of stuffed peacocks hanging around behind the bar. Everything about this bar decor has so much detail – even down to bricks with love hearts.

You’ll love It if you want to meet people. This is a great bar to socialise.

It will cost you the food was reasonably priced with pizzas starting at $14 and an average of  $18 per cocktail

The verdict if you are looking for a fun place to enjoy some food and drinks… listen to a few tunes and relax on a rooftop, Hunky Dory will be your second home. I will definitely be back.

As you can see – I really did make myself at home relaxing on the old school couches on the rooftop overlooking Oxford Street!

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Address: 215 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Phone: 9331 0442

Open: Tue-Sun, noon-midnight





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  • Jack

    Sounds perfect for sunday lunches

  • Kris

    Sounds like a great place & those pizza’s look delicious. Can’t wait to check this place out.

  • lipgloss

    This place looks awesome!!

  • Samantha

    Looks so cool

  • titch

    awesome place, killer drinks, great pizzas, sometimes hard to get in at night though. i recommend going there in the afternoon,

  • marcel

    “We Drunk”……

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