Restaurant Review: Hard Rock Cafe Sydney

Who: Hard Rock Cafe Sydney

What: Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of theme restaurants founded in 1971 by Americans Peter Morton & Isaac Tigrett. In 1979, the cafe began covering its walls with rock and roll memorabilia, a tradition which expanded to others in the chain.


Ruby’s Review:

One thing I love about going to America is eating at Hard Rock Cafe so when I heard one had opened in Sydney I was really excited. I felt like a burger and chips today so off to Hard Rock Cafe I went.

When we arrived I was surprised there was a line out the door and every single person in that line had at least one kid in a pram

The host had long blonde hair and lots of piercings which made him look like a rockstar in the making. He informed us there would be a 20-30 minute wait for a table, gave us a buzzer and directed us to the bar area to wait. After waiting 40 minutes the buzzer went off and the host directed us to our table by the window overlooking Darling Harbour

Our Waiter introduced himself by his first name and took the time to have a chat to us about our day. All the waiters at Hard Rock Cafe looked like they were having fun whilst working – singing along to the music and even dancing. I loved the fun and friendly atmosphere the waiters created

The Menu was huge. It consisted of everything from bruschetta to burgers

We Ate the Hickory Bar-B-Que Bacon Cheeseburger (basted with a special Hickory BBQ sauce with caramelized onions and topped with crisp seasoned bacon & melted cheese $23.95) and a Caesar salad with grilled chicken ($20.50).  The servings at Hard Rock are HUGE – I really wanted to try the Hot Fudge Brownie (Vanilla Ice Cream and hot fudge on a fresh brownie, topped with chopped walnuts, chocolate sprinkles, fresh whipped cream and a cherry $13.50) but I was so full I couldn’t fit it in

We Drunk pink lemonade. Hard Rock offers a huge drinks list consisting of beers, cocktails, mocktails and wine

When I Checked In On Facebook I was surprised that very few people on my friend list had been here

The decor Hard Rock is known for its collection of rock and roll memorabilia so the walls were lined with everything from an outfit Britney Spears wore onstage during her Oops… I did it again tour to a bra Madonna wore during her Girlie Show Tour in 1993

You’ll love it if you are after something different and fun. Great place for a date.

You’ll hate it if you don’t like kids running around screaming or you are after a quick meal

It will cost you an average of $23 for mains and an average of $17 for cocktails. Hard Rock Cafe isn’t cheap – our bill came to a total of $71.90 for two people

The verdict After waiting for a table for 40 minutes and the food taking 25 minutes to come out it felt like we were never going to get out. If it wasn’t for the street performers we could see below from the Hard Rock Cafe balcony and the friendly waiters I would have been so bored. The food was okay but could be improved – I think this is a place you come to experience the atmosphere. I wouldn’t say I won’t be back but I will say I won’t be rushing back.

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Address: Level 1, Harbourside Centre, Darling Harbour

Phone: 9280 0077

Open: Mon-Fri 12noon – late
Sat-Sun 11.30am – late


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  • Kris

    Great review Ruby. I do love the Hard Rock Cafe. Mainly for the atmosphere.

  • Jack

    The burgers are awesome!!!

  • Sharni Ross

    I really enjoy the hard rock cafe, although I am yet to experience in Sydney which is funny because it’s where I’m from lol. I recently went over to America and had it in both NYC and LA, and the lines/ wait was exactly the same but I loved the atmosphere too! I even got a memorabilia glass from NYC ! I liked the food as well. You NEED to go back and just eat the hot fudge sundae, you’ll be in a chocolate coma haha, it is SO SO good

  • Samantha

    I feel hungry reading this review!

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