Dinner by Tweet…

Last night I went to  Tharen’s in Kings Cross for a friends birthday party. If you aren’t familiar with Tharen’s it is Sydney’s First and Only Fancy Dress Restaurant. The waiters are all dressed in costumes such as Alice from Wonderland and provide guest with wigs, hats and props.

While the entertainment was great, the food was awful. You could easily mistake the dishes for airplane food.

 The magician from the night. He had some awesome card tricks.

The food at Tharen’s was inedible so come 10:30pm I was STARVING and was trying to think of restaurants that still had the kitchen open. In Sydney, that is not an easy task!!

Then I had the idea – how about I Tweet my order?! See below:

Now that’s customer service!

When I arrived at Jimmy Liks a table was reserved for me and as soon as I sat down my food came out. First it was the pork & prawn dumplings… Sorry there aren’t photos of those I was so hungry there was no way I could stop and take a photo!

Chicken and crab salad with no onions and rice. 

YUM!! Jimmy Liks saves the day…

What I wore: Helmut Lang pants, YSL heels, Kookai top, Sportsgirl jacket, Dior handbag

 Here are the urbanspoon ratings:

Tharen Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Jimmy Liks on Urbanspoon


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